Good Governance – Are you neglecting your NED’s?

April 3rd, 2012

A recent Financial Times article made me want to stand up and applaud – it highlighted the critical importance of Non-Executive Director (NED) engagement and effective contribution to boardroom decisions (Ruth Sullivan, Financial Times, March 25th 2012 : “Non-execs ‘feeling undervalued'” ) – the report highlighted the plight of misunderstood NED’s as identified in a survey by Tomorrow’s Good Governance Forum, Korn Ferry and KPMG.

In the current atmosphere of “banker bashing” it was heartening to see a constructive approach to improving good governance at board level – we see so much about talent recruitment and retention. And sometimes forget the talent that sits amongst our NED’s?

Improving the processes and dynamics between executive directors and non-executives, it transpires in the report, has some way to go. I have long believed that NED education around risk issues is essential – it enables risk officers to have more meaningful and informed conversations with the board – no translation required. I put my money where my mouth is, and offer coaching and tutorials to assist this process (also available at the Downloads Library).

Hug a NED today – they are there to be appreciated and utilised!

Keith W. Waitt
President & CEO
Consultancy Matters LLC
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