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Intelligent Insights Series

Intelligent Insights is an innovative learning approach that provides experts in the chosen field whose direct experience will allow you to gain useful insights into the subject matter, and allow you to master the context of the material as much as understand the facts themselves.

IIS#1: Conduct Risk Management

This learning course is on the highly relevant subject area of Conduct Risk Management and covers all the key areas required by our regulators to understand the context, purpose and requirements of conduct risk management, and its policies and practices in financial services organizations.

The course is presented and taught by two leading lights in the Conduct Risk arena who discuss the subject; its context; its framework; its application; and, importantly the issue of cultural change that central agencies hope to achieve with new regulations.


Module 1: Introduction and Context

Module 2: Conduct, Rules and Accountability.

Module 3: Design and Develop a Conduct Risk Framework

Module 4: Conduct Risk Framework Implementation

Module 5: Bringing Conduct Risk to Life – MI and Evidence

Module 6: Cultural Change and Embedding Culture


While each of our 6 Modules can be requested as stand-alone, discrete units, we strongly recommend that you take the full course of 6 discussions in order to both gain a complete understanding of conduct risk management and to meet the regulators requirements for training financial services staff in this subject.


Conduct Risk Management can be delivered in 3 generic ways:

Classroom: One or two-day classroom training

Workshop:  2 hour or 4 hour (1/2 day) modules for smaller groups (e.g. Board)

E-Learning:  online, self-study, just-in -time learning.

We also can customize the learning to suit your organization and/or specific audience.

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