Core Skills


Proactively building core skills through personal and professional development…

Protecting the future of a business by developing the next generation of leaders is important to all commercial enterprises, and these leaders will come from staff in any and all areas of the business. We believe that skills such as people management, leadership, coaching/mentoring as well as presentation, writing and influencing skills are critical to developing a strong professional framework that will support organizational growth and success.

Our associates in these disciplines are outstanding and experienced instructors and experts in these training disciplines.  Their design efforts focus on customized exercises that simulate real-world scenarios in the client’s environment.

Personal and Professional Development Programs

Consultancy Matters offers a comprehensive and progressive program of professional and personal development covering a broad spectrum of junior, middle and senior management needs. Our course offerings cover the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Communications & Personal Impact
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Excellence
  • Customer Service

Our core skills programs are delivered using a blended learning approach that involves a mix of classroom, online and game simulation techniques designed to match needs, learning style and geographic accessibility.

Coaching and Mentoring

Whilst training courses have a clear role in improving staff competencies, there is often a need for an additional and ongoing program of support to help bed-down new knowledge and skills. To help with this, we offer clients a highly tailored one-on-one coaching/mentoring service. This service can be used to address remedial skills or to escalate the skills of high potential staff and senior managers. It is often established as a periodic ‘check-up’ to ensure continual improvement in competencies and confidence over an extended period of time.  We can also deliver train-the-trainer sessions so that coaching can be maintained as an in-house program.

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