Full suite of consulting services across the Financial and Corporate sectors

…taking a holistic approach to developing strong and motivated professionals

Delivering sustainable improvements to staff competencies requires more than just having ‘better’ training courses. It is all about offering a program with purpose, relevance and effectiveness. Our holistic approach assesses not only technical skills, but also core skills (personal and professional). And this applies to all levels in any organization. Our results speak for themselves.

When we work with client organizations we offer a full consulting service that ensures that the purpose, relevance and effectiveness of any learning program are clearly defined, and used as the basis for the design and development of courses in any learning program we execute. In this way, staff at every level of the organization understand the impact of the training they receive.

Taking this approach to the continuous development of professionals has been proven to be the most effective way to raise performance, both from a return on investment perspective and in terms of staff loyalty and organizational productivity.

Consultancy Matters’ portfolio of specialist services in this area includes:

• Curriculum design and creation
• Skills program design, development and delivery (covering personal, professional and technical skills)
• Training program management
• Organizational effectiveness improvement
• Policies, people and process integration

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