Risk Training


Risk training that raises competency across the Institution

…through current market knowledge, professional standards and real-world case scenarios

All financial services need to maintain solid risk management capabilities and processes, and these in turn depend on the knowledge, skills and competencies of risk staff at all levels. Weaknesses in the risk management infrastructure can expose an organization and its clients to significant financial and reputational losses.

At Consultancy Matters, our aim is to help raise the competency levels of risk professionals in the global banking industry. We believe we can achieve this through our holistic approach to risk training, our academic relationships and our team of successful, experienced associates.

We are experts in the design and delivery of skills programs for risk management professionals at all levels in financial services worldwide. Whether the identified need is for classroom-based training; large audience online learning; or individual private study; we provide complete, tailored programs that have a track record of successful and sustainable results.
Through the extensive use of current market knowledge and real-world case studies, our bespoke risk training programs embed staff competencies that result in immediate and long-term performance improvement. The key ingredient in this success is the fact that we are highly experienced risk management professionals ourselves.

This real-world knowledge means that when we create our client-specific risk management training programs we are bringing our personal experience of many varied situations as examples of what to do, and what to avoid. And as we all know – there is no substitute for being taught by experienced risk managers who understand and speak the same language.

Risk Management Training Programs

Consultancy Matters offers a range of training programs across a broad spectrum of financial services risk management needs. These cover:

• Defining and Communicating Your Risk Culture
• Understanding Financial Markets and their Core Products
• Risk Management in Banks
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Corporate Credit Analysis
• Financial Institution Credit Analysis
• Managing Risk in Derivatives
• Operational Risk Management
• Market Risk Management
• Regulatory Risk Management

Each program will be specifically tailored to better meet client needs taking into account their market focus, organizational structures, risk policies and processes and the regulatory landscape. Highly relevant real-world scenarios are simulated to improve learning outcomes.

To enhance overall development we recommend a selection of professional and personal effectiveness skills, including people management, leadership, negotiation, and presentation or writing competencies. For a full list of core skill training, click on Core Professional skills.

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