At Consultancy Matters, we are passionate about our clients’ learning objectives and outcomes. In this regard, for us, delivery matters.

Today’s learners demand that training content is:

  • engaging
  • relevant
  • challenging
  • current

Consultancy Matters meets these demands and crafts customized business simulations through our Curve Learning Solutions initiative which is an integral part of our blended learning solutions approach.

We create for participants something that is interactive, challenging, unexpected, applicable, engaging and digital.

This is the future of learning and the new norm.

Corporate gamification is now a serious business and the future is bright. It is estimated that 70% of The Forbes Global 2000 organizations will be using scenario-based games for learning by 2014.

Studies continue to show that using simulations of real scenarios, with relevant consequences creates an emotional connection, resulting in an unparalleled level of engagement, learning and retention rates for participants.

Our simulations can be developed for any corporate experience where critical training is required:

Sales             Call Centers               Disaster Recovery

Risk Management           Compliance            Technical Skills

Management           Team Building          Cultural Change

Skills can be acquired and practiced in a safe environment.

Our uniqueness and value comes from the quality and creativity of our game based mechanics combined with the instructional design and content matter expertise of our Consultancy Matters business. This all ensures that the learning goals of a course are built into this engaging virtual learning experience.

Don’t take our word for it – watch the trailer below for one of our custom developed simulations:
Our clients value Curve Learning Solutions for its uniqueness. We are unrivalled in offering:

  • Industry-best creative game designers that deliver state-of-the-art simulations.
  • Subject matter experts to design game content across functional, technical and people management skills (including finance, healthcare, insurance, leadership, management skills).
  • Instructional design experts who meet learning goals within the agreed learning curriculum.
  • Client relationship managers to provide ongoing support.
  • Metrics reports which cover key learning dimensions.
  • Commercial credentials that support strong ROI and organisational fit – in the USA, Europe or globally.

So, if you want your learners to:

  • Learn something new
  • Experiment with it in a real world scenario
  • Compare it to what they may already know
  • Do it when they have the time and opportunity

Contact Curve Learning Solutions for more information and to organise a simulation demonstration.


Creating Unrivalled Results in Virtual Environments

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