Our Philosophy


Our philosophy revolves around a few simple truths… First, we offer learning programs, not just training courses.  Second, our learning programs are designed, developed and delivered to:

  • Use the most accurate and up-to-date subject matter expertise
  • Maximize the relevance of this content
  • Ensure the highest possible learning retention levels

In practice this means that we are very selective about each team of associates and partners we choose to develop our programs and solutions.  And, in the end, feedback from clients and their invitations to return, confirm that our approach gets results.

Expertise Matters

To pin down the right content and design for our courses, programs and solutions, we work only with those associates and partners who bring the right real-world experience and expertise in their fields, as well as the tactical experience in course design and development. Together we all bring a wealth of skill improvement experience, heads brimming with good ideas and … most importantly, an open mind as to what works best for the client.  We collaborate with the client to formulate the most appropriate learning solution within the context of their business, markets, timescale and budget. Our aim is to become a trusted advisor for a culture of continuous learning, not just a provider of training courses – ours is a true service proposition.

Relevance is a Top Priority

We talk about a key element of our programs being ‘fit for purpose’ because we know that being relevant is critical, and this applies not only to content but to the right delivery medium. We understand that no matter how accurate and cutting-edge the content is, courses fail when they are not relevant to participants. Elements of every course must mirror real-world scenarios that have meaning to the target audience. We develop content that responds to each client’s learning objectives and incorporates their environment by using their language, work related examples or case studies, and their business-specific teaching points.  In this way, we ensure that courses live in the client’s domain and connect with participants on an emotional level.


We are very aware that learning and retention rely heavily on how content is delivered.  The greater the participant engagement, the more likely learning will be retained. We focus on how best to reach the full target audience in a way that maximizes their learning experience.  Achieving this across a curriculum of courses usually requires a blended approach to course delivery. We consider the scope and scale of the learning objectives as well as target audience demographics before making a recommendation on a delivery medium.   Some content works best in the classroom and may include presentations, team exercises, case studies, or role-plays.  Other content requires the convenience, reach and repetition offered by computer based training.  Still other critical content and learning objectives are aimed at large dispersed and often diverse target audiences where success relies more on how interactive and engaging the medium is – and on how sophisticated and layered the metrics are about the target audience.  For this learning opportunity, on-line simulations of relevant business scenarios using interactive game-based technology, are by far the most effective delivery medium.  Whatever the case, we know that the delivery medium that maximizes participant engagement and their emotional connection to the material will guarantee not only longer retention, but a deeper understanding of critical concepts and information.

This philosophy means that we can soundly say we are an integrated learning solutions provider!

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