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We are passionate about our clients’ learning objectives and outcomes.
We apply expertise and formulate customized learning solutions.

Client “A” – Risk alignment:

When Banks are in acquisition mode, uniformity in credit policy and risk management processes become critical issues.. but not without challenges.

Following 3 acquisitions, our client’s strategy was to maintain a strong risk appetite and to implement a cutting edge set of risk policies across the new Banking entity.

We proposed and executed a solution that included co-facilitation of risk policy discussions and the development and delivery of a training program designed to create continuity amongst risk officers across the acquisition population.

We also worked on the alignment of risk and audit policies and procedures.

Client “B” – Simulation for global delivery:

Our consultation with a top global insurance client pointed to a need to sharpen judgments and decision-making around broad new policy changes.

The target audience was large and globally dispersed.

To meet this challenge, we recommended a game-based simulation developed around new and challenging policy scenarios. We developed a 50 minute simulation that covered six separate scenarios and required a broad mix of judgments and decisions.  Participants who were not happy with their commentary could re-run scenarios for a different outcome.

The simulation was rolled-out globally and was a hugely successful initiative.  Two additional simulations will build on the footprint of this pilot.

Client “C” – Sales training and Credit policy:

We were commissioned by a Middle East client to conduct sales training for their mortgage lending business which was experiencing a high rate of defaults.

Consultation interviews with several lenders appeared to confirm a strong lending ethic; our recommendation to focus on credit policy revealed that lenient lending limits were contributory factors to the default problem.

The outcome….a new credit policy and new rules governing the extension of mortgage loans.

We followed with training on the new guidelines and subsequent workshops to improve sales and closing processes.

Client “D” – “Fit for purpose” training solutions:

When a client’s internal demand for training reached record heights, we were invited to propose a training framework solution.

Brainstorming sessions and interviews revealed the areas of greatest demand.

The resulting proposal included a mix of topic-driven classroom training sessions. These were supported by an Active Learning Program that engaged the audience in ownership of a robust and successful knowledge-share initiative.

Our instructional design and content experts develop the right blended learning solutions to meet your learning needs.

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