Training, Development and Learning Technology Innovations for Financial Services: Conference Sound-Bites

April 13th, 2012

What caught our eye at the conference on Training, Development & Learning Technology Innovations held in New York, last month?

Here is a conference known to capture the pulse of learning & development issues.  And, although there was a buzz about some experimentation – games, delivery technology, and some social media (mostly collaborative), – there were few real innovations discussed.  Much of it focused on retrenching around L&D fundamentals.

Most found it refreshing to regroup around some core issues:

  • Validation of training is good to get, but hard to measure. Most delegates shared efforts to ensure that as part of their tailored approach to training, they also established success measurements at the design stage. How else can you hope to achieve ROI as the fundamental objective of training?
  • What are the characteristics of great learning experiences?  Relevance – Interactivity – probably, deeply engaging elements – definitely a sprinkling of fun! Think back to your own training highlights?  The answers spawned discussion around a plethora of existing technologies being used to update the fundamental training experience – some collaborative, some virtual and some efficient experimentation.
  • Integration and augmentation of existing systems and technologies was a visible theme – Know any companies that have spare bandwidth to support new technology initiatives? The over-riding message was to give a new face and a new twist to a more streamlined version of what already exists. There was no escaping the current market climate.
  • Learning comprises a potent mix of information, concepts and skills, all delivered as experiences   – that’s the bottom line. We at Consultancy Matters use experienced and expert Associates to engage and deliver these.  Throw in learning techniques, real world scenarios, and maybe a sprinkle of games, and we have a recipe for sustained learning .
  • We are also thinking outside the box and across competencies to optimize ROI.  We are linking financial risk training with leadership competencies to create a holistic solution to develop successful professionals, across disciplines and throughout  the organization.

In the end, there were some new technologies, some new ideas and approaches, no rocket science, but great fundamental upgrades!

Keith W. Waitt
President & CEO
Consultancy Matters LLC
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