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Training, Development and Learning Technology Innovations for Financial Services: Conference Sound-Bites

What caught our eye at the conference on Training, Development & Learning Technology Innovations held in New York, last month? Here is a conference known to capture the pulse of learning & development issues.  And, although there was a buzz … Continue reading

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Is regulation pushing compliance into risk? A response to Rachel Wolcott’s article

In the fast changing world of bank regulation right now, Rachel Wolcott has picked up on a very important and topical debate with her article in the Financial Regulatory Forum, “Time to merge risk management and compliance?”. Indeed, non-compliance with … Continue reading

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Good Governance – Are you neglecting your NED’s?

A recent Financial Times article made me want to stand up and applaud – it highlighted the critical importance of Non-Executive Director (NED) engagement and effective contribution to boardroom decisions (Ruth Sullivan, Financial Times, March 25th 2012 : “Non-execs ‘feeling … Continue reading

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