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Poll – How does your company use game-based learning?

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Pride comes before a fall

Wall Street will never stop springing these surprises so long as : 1) Global bank regulation allows it. 2) Management of banks believe it will never happen to them. 3) Training of bank staff in risk management is universal and … Continue reading

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The CIPD/Cornerstone OnDemand Learning and Talent Development Survey 2012

Half of respondents (55 per cent) reported that they had never heard of “nudges and incentives to design learning”, despite the concept having been the subject of a bestseller named as “best book of the year” by the Economist, and … Continue reading

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Learning and development professionals urged to force change after survey finds employers clinging to outdated methods of training

Dr John McGurk, Learning and Talent Development Adviser at CIPD, comments, “Manyof the learning approaches used by organizations are legacies of a learning environment where the classroom, courses and “sheep-dip” learning were the order of the day.  However, in today’s … Continue reading

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