LinkedIn poll results are in! What makes a good CRO or senior risk professional?

March 6th, 2012

Our LinkedIn poll revealed some surprising results:

Voters decided that “Experience Across Many Banking Businesses” was the key to success as a CRO or risk professional – perhaps not surprising in itself, but how many people go in for bank rotations? And who would have thought that Financial Qualifications would come well down the list? The complexity of the question was revealed in some of the “Other” responses. I have picked a few that resonated with me as follows:

  • vision
  • strong risk culture in the bank
  • board support and understanding and a risk governance structure
  • leadership skills first, risk expertise second
  • decisiveness
  • paid by a full salary and not with a bonus based on business profits
  • problem solving ability – how to get to a “yes” solution
  • understanding of the geographies
  • understand that losses are part of the risk equation (risk vs. reward)
  • need to link risk to business strategy

Look out for our next poll – maybe this subject prompted you to want to know more, or perhaps you have a topic that you would like to canvas views and get some feedback on. Any ideas, suggestions, and dialogue are welcome!

Keith W. Waitt
President & CEO
Consultancy Matters LLC

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